Benefit of IP Camera

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  • Benefit of IP Camera

    IP Cameras’ are becoming a popular choice for many reasons. Most new technologies are being linked to the internet which is becoming the prevailing method of communication. Being linked to the internet also allows remote access in real time from anywhere and on various devices (computers, smartphones, iPad, etc.) IP Camera’s also provide clearer and sharper pictures having better resolution than analogue camera’s. There are also many other advantages which include the choice between wireless connection or using coaxial cable which will connect the IP camera to a network video recorder or analytics provided through powerful software that allow a video management system (VMS) that can be combined with other software for applications such as people counting, motion detection or license plate recognition.

    IP video surveillance can also work in conjunction with an analog system for what is known as a hybrid system. It incorporates MoCA and EoC technologies to leverage the existing coaxial infrastructure and helps reduce the cost of a full transition to an IP system. With the increasing use of the internet IP cameras provide many benefits as a surveillance method.

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