Usage / Benefits of CCTV / Surveillance

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  • Usage / Benefits of CCTV / Surveillance

    Close Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance has many usage possibilities and benefits. They can be used for surveillance of the home environment or the business. They can also be placed in streets, shops, public transport and sensitive areas in town or cities. These surveillance systems can often be the first line of defense against suspicious activities acting as a deterrent. The benefits are plentiful. In a business, they not only can be used for surveillance against crime, but can also increase the performance of staff by reducing misconduct. They also can be used for keeping records either to acknowledge certain actions, for instance finding where certain items have been placed by disregard or to solve various disputes or issues that may occur with customers or staff.

    In cities and public areas, they are often an efficient tool that can help in any investigation relating to a particular occurrence, beside the fact that they act as a deterrent. They also have the same benefits in a home environment. With the new technologies, CCTV also provides the possibility of real time monitoring from anywhere, allowing for quick intervention when necessary.

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